Baby Non-Slip Clips & Bows

Because not every baby likes headbands,  Butterfly Garden non-slip hair clips are designed to stay in while kids are active.
Needing just a few strands of hair, we only use materials that are gentle on your little ones head and are super light.           
( no silicone, velcro or plastic grips, ever.)
This size is best suited from NEWBORN up to approx. 2-3 YRS though lots of older kids wear them as fringe clips too for fine hair!
Our Baby nonslip clip range is made on an A++ grade nickel-free snap clip that is fabric-covered & designed to grow with your child- they’re perfect for taming wispy bits on older kids too!
Safety First!
Butterfly Garden ( for kids!) accessories are made to be worn, not eaten! Like all small items- baby accessories should only ever be worn when supervised. Never leave babies alone, in the car or asleep with their accessories.