End of Season Mystery packs- choose from Bows, Clips & Headbands!

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Our $15  Mystery packs are back!

We love clearing out the stockroom at this time of year while we prep for the new season & we LOVE that you get to grab a few bargains at the same time ♥️

Always fantastic value at $15 each (RRP $35-42) & packed with past Best-Sellers, End-of-Line or OOAK designs.

Choose from 4 Mystery Pack Collections:

⚫️ Bow Clips - 5 bows in each pack

⚫️ Stretch Headbands - 4 headbands in each pack

⚫️ Mixed Hair Clips - 6 Clips in each pack

⚫️ Wide/Topknot Headbands - 4 Headbands in each pack

⚫️ Scrunchies - 4 Chunky scrunchies in each pack

A $15 Butterfly Garden Mystery Pack is a great way to top-up your collection or a sweet gift for a little one in your life!


*Each bag is unique with different designs. To keep to our turnaround times we can't take design/colour requests, but we'll ensure there are no double-ups when multiple packs are ordered.

*Pictures shown are only samples, designs will vary for each pack- but always be super cute!

*While stocks last. Some collections are very limited.

*Please choose the tracked box postage option for the Wide Headband packs, or for multiple Mystery Packs as they can't be sent via a thin letter mailing box.